Mahogany Spirit is the new French Country Music band born on the eve of the third millennium. The friendship and musical affinities of three instrumentalist singers merged to create the most cutting-edge group in European Country Music today. These three strong and complementary individuals have a solid background in live performances and studio recording, both in France and the United States.

Vicky Layne, Marie Dazzler, Bruno Liger are Mahogany Spirit


Vicky sings and plays acoustic guitar with equal brio and, if you insist, she can also play mandolin or fiddle. You'll see, this gifted multi-instumentalist has more than one string to her... flightcase!

She is recognized as
one of the most gifted European Country artists of her generation.


, is a charismatic singer. She can surprise and move her audience with the strength and the subtleties of her interpretations. She is also the rhythmic cornerstone of the group with her acoustic bass, an instrument rarely heard here in Europe.

It takes on a warm sound, halfway between electric and double bass, tying all the instruments together with a soft, velvety ribbon. This female duet's beautiful harmonies are undoubtedly at the heart of Mahogany Spirit's growing success.










The voices of this female duet come together in a wonderful harmony and contribute undoubtedly to the growing success of Mahogany Spirit for those who love great voices!

Bruno completes this trio in a very original way.

He is, in fact, one of the most prominent specialists of the resonator guitar called "dobro"

(for neophytes, a dobro is a guitar equipped with a metal resonator that you hold flat, on which you play with metallic finger picks and a metallic stick that you slide on the neck of the guitar).

The great variety of sounds he can perform with his instrument is surprisingly rich. At times a cascade of crystalline notes like sparkling bubbles, and at other times plaintive sobs, languorous coos, or husky roars. Playing solos or rhythmics, Bruno can bring forth percussion or softness, thus changing the atmosphere of the piece. But his talent goes even further: Bruno can not only play, but sing at the same time, a talent very rarely seen in dobro players.

The trio usually features an additional musician, by and by singer/solo instrumentalist or singer/percussionist.

The fourth official element
of Mahogany Spirit is

Ange Amadeď

Alternating stunning rhythmics, breathtaking flights in solos or setting mysterious and arie atmospheres, he makes the most of all the various facets of his instrument that he has undeniably masterminded: the harmonica.

Drums and percussions being his first loves, it would have been a waste not to allow these talents to express themselves!

And when his hands are finally at rest and his mouth free of any harmonica...well, he can also sing.


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