Why Mahogany Spiritů cccccccccccc
ccccccccccc... Where is the name from?

Marie : We chose Mahogany Spirit because the precious wood of Mahogany is often used to make music instruments, especially acoustic instruments. Apart from Bruno who has always been unconditionally faithful to acoustic music throughout Old Time, Bluegrass, and Celtic music, Vicky and myself performed in more electric groups either Country, Blues, Rock or Pop. We decided to express ourselves in acoustic music, to go back to the roots of music and bring alive this warm and natural music... to awaken the spirit of this wood that vibrates under our hands, so that it can tell us...

Vicky : The reason all three of us made a band was because we wanted to work together, because we share a strong friendship, because we connect, and because we value each other as professionals and human beings. Without these elements, Mahogany Spirit would not stand a chance. A musical configuration like ours is very demanding and requires that each one of us be meticulous. It takes hard work to refine our music and obtain a certain quality. It has to be perfect...

Marie : It means that we need to pay close attention to each other, to listen attentively to one another. Except for a light echo, we play almost without any special effects. That way, we can't cheat, we can't hide behind tricks!

Bruno : Although it is a real challenge to play without any drums, to rely only on the bass and percussion, it does not keep me from playing my own way. The absence of a traditional rhythmic section gives us more room, it allows us to bring out the subtler aspects and still produce a modern acoustic music born from various inspirations. Our music goes from bluegrass to rhythm 'n' blues, from new country to western swing without any difficulty.

Marie: In our repertoire, you can find standards next to original compositions, in French or in English. What's interesting about playing the standards is that you can create different arrangements that you put a little bit of yourself into. Each one of us brings something, our savoir-faire and our specialties. We keep the musical identity of the piece, and we give it a new essence at the same time.

: Mahogany Spirit is well-balanced on all levels. We share the equal responsibility both instrumentally and vocally...and we all put in our own word! In the acoustic repertoire we have set up, vocals are primarily emphasized. This is what we're most interested in in this whole adventure. We all sing lead, in turns, depending on the piece, and we can all sing harmony. I must admit that with Mahogany Spirit, I'm getting closer to my musical ideal, which has always been acoustic music. This search for equilibrium is like a quest for my own Holy Grail!!
Vicky : Our voices are complementary. The fourth person's voice-Ange or another musician-serves as an intermediary between Marie and me, and Bruno's baritone. It allows for various vocal combinations that we put in practice, like when singing a capella, which we enjoy performing as much as the audience enjoys hearing.

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