Mahogany Spirit represents "Soul Mates"

Soul Mates

- Let's go country
2 -
I'll go get you
3 -
This too shall Pass
4 -
Just to stay alive
5 -
I was a rock
6 -
I wanna be a cowboy sweetheart
7 -
Loving arms
8 -
To daddy
9 -
Back where we belong
10 -
When I reach the place I'm going
11 -
Hooked on a feeling
12 -
Muddy Waters
13 -
L'animal rit
14 -
I'll go get you

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Soul Mates is the first CD from Mahogany Spirit. It was entirely made and produced by the group in a home studio.

You will find fourteen songs with four original compositions in English and one in French. this album illustrates the group's identity through acoustic music in which country, bluegrass, and western swing intertwine with a touch of rhythm'n'blues, blues, rock, or pop. We wanted this album to be close to our live performances when we usually play with just three or four musicians.

But we also wanted to take advantage of studio recording "magic," where we can add other instruments or layer double instrumentalization and vocals.

For example, Vicky created new guitar and mandolin rhythms and various solos.

When it came down to choosing which pieces to include in this album, everything went very smoothly. We all wanted to stay faithful to our musical roots and influences. We also shared the desire to open up to something new, to dare mix genres and instruments, which led to our including the congas and other percussion instruments rarely used with most of these music styles.

Talented musicians agreed to participate in the making of this album. These are people we appreciate for their musical and professional skills as well as for their personal qualities.


ANGE AMADEĎ Our longtime friend, Ange, is more often than not by our side on stage. He is a fabulous harmonica-player who still manages to surprise us with a new riff, new rhythm, or new idea that comes out of the blue and leaves us speechless! His innate sense of rhythm makes "I Wanna Be a Cowboy Sweetheart" and "l'animal rit" swing with an original combination of brushes on the congas. He is spontaneous, a wonderful musician, and a great friend. In short, he is our ideal fourth element, our ace of hearts...our good angel!


CHRISTIAN GENTY Christian is a gifted drummer and percussionist. His fine, rich playing has added a unexpected hue to our music. Though we had never worked together before, Christian understood almost immediately what we wanted to do with our music: bring in a new sound and beat without changing its basic nature. He worked our way and listened attentively with open mind, all while suggesting ideas and original perspectives which have enabled our music to evolve. He gave it a new dimension.


SUSI GOTT The icing on the cake! Susi is an American who plays fiddle and sings, specializing in traditional Appalachian music. It was an honor to have her take part in recording Soul Mates.

Our connection to acoustic music, bluegrass in particular, was complete-who more than Susi could have brought us such authenticity? The melodious fiddle as accompaniment, counterpart, or solo response to the dobro is deeply rooted into our musical origins. Susi also kindly lent us her crystalline voice for the angelic chorus of "Muddy Waters." (One more shiver!) Thanks Susi!


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