Album - Soul Mates - 5, I was a rock
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Soul Mates

- Let's go country
2 -
I'll go get you
3 -
This too shall Pass
4 -
Just to stay alive
5 -
I was a rock
6 -
I wanna be a cowboy sweetheart
7 -
Loving arms
8 -
To daddy
9 -
Back where we belong
10 -
When I reach the place I'm going
11 -
Hooked on a feeling
12 -
Muddy Waters
13 -
L'animal rit
14 -
I'll go get you

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A few years ago, Marie wrote a concept album with a song about a stone's life. "I Was a Rock" recounts this story of a mountain, a witness to the centuries.

This fable-poem describes a slowly changing mountain, a giant who once believed himself immortal. Time and human greed wear him down…like so many great men the world has already seen.

I was a rock
M. Dazzler / M. Dazzler, V. Layne, B. Liger

I was born in a big confusion
I grew from a raging ground
In my younger days I knew fire and ice
I've seen the first steps of life
Oh I could tell the whole story by heart from the start

First I thought I was invincible
The impassable top of the world
As time was passing and sliding upon my sides
Without leaving a track
I gave without holding back

I was a rock, a mighty mountain
I was a rock, with no fear no weakness
I was a rock, an eternal witness, I was a rock
I was a rock, there was no higher place
I was a rock, that only the best could face
I was a rock, I was a giant defying the sky

My heart of coal has become a pure diamond
I've learned with those years of wisdom
My ridges and cliffs that used to be so steep
Canyons and rivers so deep
Have started a change of relief

Then men came with their tools and fever
To drill and to dig for my veins
And this body of mine, blown up with dynamite
Has been turned into stone, sand and dust.


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