Album - Soul Mates - 4, Just to stay alive
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Soul Mates

- Let's go country
2 -
I'll go get you
3 -
This too shall Pass
4 -
Just to stay alive
5 -
I was a rock
6 -
I wanna be a cowboy sweetheart
7 -
Loving arms
8 -
To daddy
9 -
Back where we belong
10 -
When I reach the place I'm going
11 -
Hooked on a feeling
12 -
Muddy Waters
13 -
L'animal rit
14 -
I'll go get you

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When working in a quarry, Bruno composed this tribute to all those around the world who work to the point of exhaustion. This is a story of the hard conditions of life in dust, humidity, and constant darkness. This is the story of men damaging their lives for a miserable paycheck.

Just to stay alive
B. Liger / B. Liger

Too long time gone down in the cold coal mine
Too long time bent behind the plow on that straight line
The poor off the poor still struggle to live
Never know how much they'd have to give
Just to stay alive

My father's own father now he's long time gone
Worked the pick and the shovel sunup to sundown
He gave all his life to the quarries of stone
To find himself at last broke and all alone

Once you were a good girl but time went by
You had to heat the place, food for the kids to buy
So you lay down yourself and for a dollar or two
You found some who didn't mind to take all what's left off you


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