Album - Soul Mates - 2, I'll go get you
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Soul Mates

- Let's go country
2 -
I'll go get you
3 -
This too shall Pass
4 -
Just to stay alive
5 -
I was a rock
6 -
I wanna be a cowboy sweetheart
7 -
Loving arms
8 -
To daddy
9 -
Back where we belong
10 -
When I reach the place I'm going
11 -
Hooked on a feeling
12 -
Muddy Waters
13 -
L'animal rit
14 -
I'll go get you

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This song was originally written in a bluegrass style to reflect its subject of youthful mistakes.

But when we added more rhythm and boosted the bass, we emphasized more that people should be able to learn from mistakes made from lack of maturity or out of stubbornness. The saturated dobro and harmonica add the poignant side and reminder to become wiser.

Bruno Liger / B. Liger - Marie Dazzler

Well I've run blind most of my life
Didn't have a clue of what you meant
'Cause I was deaf my words cut like a knife
I misunderstood the signs your heart sent

So now I pray every night and day
To keep you close to make you stay
I don't know why where or when I don't understand
But I'll go get you everywhere you stand

If I was wrong oh if I hurt you
Forgive me 'cause I feel sorry too
The road through hell made me feel so blue
The nights I cried out loud for you

I got to face the cold hard truth
No more shirking no more cheating
It was the lesson of my learning youth
You take the blows but you can stand the wind


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